Wednesday, April 22, 2009

would you rather?

I used to love playing this simple game. You just get together with some of your friends and come up with opposing situations to see which option they would choose, like, would you rather go without chairs or beds? I say I'd rather have chairs, but most everyone says beds. Anyways. I came across two egregious comments on the DC forum (may it rest in peace, John Loftus) and I wasn't sure which I'd rather be. I'll post both comments and see which comes out on top.

Steven Bently said:
All these preachers on fire for jesus.

What I cannot understand is how come they cannot connect the time difference between Genesis 1 and all the cow and sheep and goat sacrifices and burnt offerings to atone for sins and then some 4000 years later the same god decides it's time for a human sacrifice to atone for sins.

Did the same god suddenly have a disdain for animal sacrifices and suddenly after 4000 years decided to go for Big Game..a human being?

Why is it you nutjob christians cannot fathom that intelligent human knowledge is gained by the passage of time, knowledge is not gained by the written word of a bunch of ignorant superstitious sheep and goat herders of 2000 years ago, that had no formal education that shunned and condemned scienticfic knowledge.

The majority of the people whom wrote the Bible thought that the world was flat.

They also thought that the heart, was the center of all thought and emotion.

Nowhere in the Bible is the word "brain' surely the god of all creation would have known about the human brain...pig brain..goat brain..etc?

They also thought that rainbows was a sign that the bible god would not flood the earth, we now know that rainbows are caused by the reflection of water molecules from any light source.

They also thought that diseases were caused by demons and evil spirits.

We now know with the invention of the microscope, that diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses, microbes, made chemicals...etc.

You don't see a doctor use the Bible for a medical reference to help him diagnose a disease, unless he's a totally insane brainwashed Christian doctor, do you?

"I want to be a preacher."

Why the crap do you want to be a preacher?..Do you honestly for one second believe there is not one person in the USA that has never heard of Jesus Christ?

Is it because you yourself are so afraid of hell that you have to distroy other peoples lives and their way of thinking to come around to your dumbed-down way of thinking just so you can capture that Jewel in your Glorified Crown that Jesus has promised his followers?

Are you people so much that indulgent, that unless you can convince other people to bow down to your imaginary god, just so you can get your false praise?

Jesus was nothing but a phantom icon made up by the master of deceit of his time, the Saul/Paul two faced con-artist, and none of you christians have enough frikin common sense to recognise it.

The great Saul killed many of Christians, then on the way to Damascus he convenienly had a vision of Jesus, (the savior of all sins), then he changed his name to Paul and got instant forgiveness and is now revered as a Saint, how can anyone in their right mind be that gullibly ignorant and believe in such foolish nonsense? Murderer becomes Saint!

Mary, Paul, Peter, Jesus, John, Luke, Joseph, all no last names, none of them conventional names of that era.

Even Adam and Eve, not conventional names of their era.

Neither a god nor jesus wrote one word of the bible, why not? Because they were not as smart as the sheep and goat herders were?

This world needs to wake up and realize the Bible is nothing but a bunch of thoughts written down by people whom their world view was set at 2000 years ago and before that and past down to them through oral tradition with no evidence to support their views, with absolutely no evidence in 2009.

What's wrong with you christians?

I know it's temporary insanity, most of us have experienced it, it needs to be temporary...wake up to reality..please!

I know you can't, because mommy or daddy or the pastor, said it was all true, and they surely would not intentionaly mislead me.

Not only have you and the majority of Americans been grossly mislead, you've been badly fooled, and terribly misinformed.

Grow up, live in reality, not man made superstitious myth.

And Andrew said:

I don't trust anything you say, John, because of your history.

You are loathsome, and you know it.

Any person who cheats on his wife like you did cannot be trusted when he talks in other areas of life.
(I had to paraphrase since Loftus erased all memory of Andrew)

I can't decide yet, so tell me, would you rather?


  1. They both seem rather meaningless. Of course Andrews did close down Debunking Christianity, so...

  2. Epic? John Loftus just can't take personal critisism and overreacts.

    Keep in mind Loftus will himself cite personal fialings form others, on occassion, and has mad ehis own fialings rather public. I am not saying Andrew was right in all he did, just saying he shoudl have expected such things.

  3. Actually Brad. DC is up and doing well. Comment section is back in action. It seems to me that Andrew is practicing a little non-Christian judgment there. Didn't Christ say his followers should suspend judgment of the mote in your brother's eye until you remove the plank from your own. Also, by Andrew's logic he should distrust the center of Christian theology (the book of Romans) because its author was the coat check at Stephen's death. No, Christianity is an ethic rooted in self-centered feeling and therefore it seems the criticism of those that disagree with it is rooted in self-centered feeling, not ideas.

  4. Chuck, its odd what you said above. You begin by saying Andrews actions are not Christian, then critisise Christianity as based on self centred feeling.

    It cannot be both true that Andrew is actign ut of accordanxe with Christianity and its teachings if its teachings are as you say.

    Also, note that ones personal mental state does effect ones judgement, and shuld be considered. At leats if we go by your judgement of Andrew and Christianity.

    Why i Loftus then immune?

  5. 'Sup Brah
    Just read you might be taking some time off the blog for a while over at DC. Do want you gotta do, but hurry back, with ZAROVE being banned and my lame responses, them crazy Atheists will be left to their own imaginations.

    Peace out brown trout, feeno

  6. Brad,

    I don't know if you check this blog but I wanted to commend you on your level headed approach to debate over at DC. I was sharing your ideas with my wife yesterday. Although I struggle to comprehend them and probably fall towards Russ' sense of truth, I do appreciate your willingness to be honest with your experience and present it with what seems an honest humility. I enjoy reading your comments there and would encourage you to begin blogging again with the same spirit. Happy Holidays to you.

  7. ur such a numbnuts, haggard. u and ur silly god still havent managed to banish atheism! Y do u keep debating the "existence" of ur silly god? enough is enough!

  8. And then Jesus said,"What the fuck is this I hear about a "blood sacrifice'? What are we, fucking animals? Amen."

  9. Whetha or not you wanna believe makes no difference to God and the Liar when you croak, dude - totally irrelevant. We're mortal with levels of sin on our shoulders which MUST be paid for. You have 2 choices, dude, if you don't believe: either continue on in thy unbelief and we'll see what Jesus does with ya after gives you EVERY, BLOODY, CHANCE to repent in your mortal existence ...or repent and start to follow. I'm going Upstairs, dude, where I can party-hardy for eternity around size B cup, young women. YOUR choice. YOUR demise. Jesus has ABSOLUTELY nuth'n to do with your lackOfaith: ever hear of FREE-WILL?? God totally respects FREE-WILL. And if you wanna journey to the Abyss o'Misery, who's bloody fault is that?? TOTALLY your own. See ya in Heaven after you read this. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

  10. And then Jesus said, "Goddamn, but that Mitt Romney is one handsome son of a bitch!!! What's horny savior to do?"--Jesus Christ, up in the sky.