Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raison d'etre

This is the reason that I wanted to start this blog. BarefootBum stated this in a post on Debunking Christianity:

"Dr." Groothuis mentions the cosmological argument and the argument from design. These arguments are jokes. Dawkins mentions both in The God Delusion, and I was able to refute them within the first six months I studied philosophy. This sort of incompetence is inexcusable for someone who puts "Dr." in front of his name, unless that doctor is treating my bunions.

BB is sooooooooooooo smart, and so are all of us here on the biblioblog sphere. He's so smart that he can tell who really is a doctor, and who isn't. He should be on an advisory board somewhere. But when I look at his profile, he is an "amateur philosopher." What???? How can someone with such authority only be an "amateur."

I think that all of us blog because we just want to show how smart we are, even though we don't have the letters behind our names. That's why we always sound so confident, no matter what side we are on. And why we can label each other. On BB's blog his favorite tag seems to be "egregious stupidity."

So I want to expose some of the bluster on both sides here, but of course I'm going to be more generous to Christian posters. I'll comment on comments, but probably not put up a lot of original arguments. I just wanna start something.


  1. I have no doubt that Groothuis is a real doctor, in that he actually received a doctorate from some institution. My point is that the quality of his argumentation is is exceptionally poor, and such poor quality is inexcusable for someone who makes claims to expertise.

    And yes, I am really smart, and I know I'm really smart. Got a problem with that?

  2. No problem BB, hopefully we can find out who is smarter ;-)

  3. James, why don't you put money on yourself? You may be smarter than both of us?